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Operational Investors experts at restructuring technology companies

About Us

Cogneum Partners have a proven track record of successfully restructuring software companies. 

We are operational investors and intensely “hands on”. We implement business-led “technology-enabled” transformation; restructuring software, platforms, delivery, business operations, marketing and sales.  We get our hands dirty with the ongoing day-to-day running and management to achieve ongoing growth and future business success. 

Our Focus

Our focus is on opportunities where we can significantly improve business performance through technology and/or business/operational enhancement.

Our Group

Our core executive group comprises software engineers, financial and legal experts; all with over 20 years’ experience of turning around and enhancing challenged businesses.

Behind this core is a team of highly skilled and experienced execution experts, including technology, coding, development, deployment, operations, and software commercialisation across a broad range of industries.

How we Operate

We are operational investors and therefore understand software product lifecycles:

  • Stage 1

    • We audit customer service to understand quality & customer satisfaction.
    • We leverage modern technology to move the product to a more effective and efficient operational foundation. This can include further developing REST API layers or microservices.
    • We undertake a code analysis to ascertain upgrade requirements, for example to rewrite to a more efficient and stable code or platform, or use a more responsive web front-end or a mobile app.
    • We conduct a penetration test to verify data security and design improvements.
    • We leverage AI in both our operations and customer service teams and integrate best of class products.
    • These and other assessments enable us to determine the amount of work required, both initially and longer term to re-engineer, fix and upgrade; creating a budget and full roadmap.
  • Stage 2

    • All customers/tickets are migrated to our internal cloud-based IT system, which includes project management and customer support software, including Jira and FreshDesk.
  • Stage 3

    • We migrate the app to a VM-based cloud system with the expectation of moving from an IAAS (Infrastructure-as-a-service) to a PAAS (platform-as-a-service) model asap; reducing costs, and increasing stability and scalability horizontally and vertically, according to requirements.
  • Stage 4

    • We improve the product and operations on a continuous basis. Our agile methodology enables us to be very flexible and rapidly responsive to technology and market changes.
    • We continually enhance sales and marketing operations, making use of automation technologies to improve efficiency, effectiveness and penetration.

These stages are typically transparent to customers. Every few weeks, we upgrade the product on the cloud which provides for incremental non-threatening improvements which allow for new and exciting functionality to be added seamlessly.

What We Do

We primarily deliver:

  • Implementation of business-led “technology-enabled” transformation,
  • Exponential improvements in performance and growth,
  • Re-engineered technology and platforms,
  • Re-defined effective strategies and plans to put them into effect,
  • Cost-benefit analysis, plans and budgets,

The Way we Work

We typically acquire all or part of the business or co-invest with existing principles.  If you are looking for an exit, we can also buy out existing shareholders, whether in whole or in part, immediately or over a period of time.

We invest our own resources and can therefore be flexible in the type of deal structures that we enter into.  We are not consultants; we take a stake in the organisation.


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